Digital Skills for Citizens

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Digital Skills for Citizens

One to One Digital Skills Training

There is no one size fits all when it comes to Digital Skills Training. One to One Training ensures that you learn only what you need to learn for your everyday digital tasks. The advantages of this method of training over classroom training is that you are not overwhelmed with technical lessons that you most likely will not ever use. It is relaxed and self-paced learning tailored to your individual needs.

Our methods

Our methods are learner centered and most suitable for the digital immigrants.

Who is this service for?

Anyone who finds new digital technologies challenging, particularly those that were born without the internet, smartphones and tablets at their finger tips.

What can we help you with?

social media
college tasks
apps and more …just ask!

Our services

Our services, here in the heart of Gorey, Co. Wexford, are particularly focused on people like you. You may not like to learn in mainstream computer courses because you think the classrooms are overcrowded, the teaching methods are not what you expected and the course is not relevant and does not satisfy your learning needs.

Well, not everybody wants to obtain the ECDL or European Computer Driving Licence. Many people want to do specific things with their digital devices whether is a laptop and tablet, a smart phone (sometimes not so smart) or a PC.

This is not a matter of learning how to use a laptop or a PC in a particular way (we help with this too), but how to use everyday digital devices in a way that suits your needs. What devices are you using? Are these devices making your life easier or are they frustrating you? If your answer is that they are making you feel frustrated them you can come to us for help, guidance or to consult. That’s why we are very flexible, affordable and provide a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.  We may not know everything off the top of our heads – technology changes so fast nobody can- but we’ll make an effort to find the right answers to your queries. Better still we’ll help you find the answer to your queries so you’ll feel empowered.