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What We Do


Our Idea

Our idea is to provide a service to help you, whether at an individual, professional or business level to enhance the digital skills you need in the 21st century. If it is not you, it could be your family or friends.

Our motto is to facilitate the learning you are looking for when using some of the 21st-century technologies such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and some of the software that goes with it.

In our one to one service, we encourage you to bring your own device (BYOD). This is a smartphone, tablet or iPad or a laptop, and to tell us what is relevant for you to learn, to understand or to be trained on.

For the children, we offer workshops in the holiday periods. Check out our Facebook page for more up to date information.

Our Belief

We believe that there should be some standards and a code of ethics when dealing with customers’ technical queries and needs, particularly if the person does not have strong digital skills.

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Our Team

Mayte Gonzalez is from Spain and holds an MSc in Technology and Learning from Trinity College Dublin.  She also holds a BSc in Computing in Multimedia Programming from IADT.  She is registered with the Teaching Council of Ireland since 2009.  She has been living in Ireland since 2000. She is the founder of MediasKool. There are a number of collaborators too.

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MediasKool welcomes collaborators at this time.  We would love to hear from you if you

  1. are an art teacher
  2. can teach advanced Excel
  3. can teach Apple technologies
  4. like to proofread
  5. know your way around WordPress