Digital Operation Transformation

Written by Teresa Gonzalez & Una Keeley

Gorey community are not only becoming physically fit but also Digitally Fit, thanks to our very own ‘Digital Coach’.

The festive season tempted us not only with an abundance of mouth watering delights, but also with all the latest in digital technology. Many of us succumbed to the irresistible bright lights and purchased the latest digital devices for our loved ones. The big question now is, are they using them? And if not, why not?

None of us can live without digital technology in our lives any longer, whether we want to or not. Digital technology is moving so fast, it is penetrating all aspects of our lives. From ATM’s, to smart phones, paying bills online, receiving and sending emails, writing letters, applying for jobs and working remote controls, all day everyday our digital fitness is challenged.

Everyone’s digital muscles are different. Some people become digitally fit quite easily, they try out every new device and become very agile, jumping from one digital platform to the next with ease. The average person however, is a lot slower at progressing. The majority of people have a few digital muscles they feel comfortable using, and are either embarrassed or terrified of using others.

Ask yourself, how do you communicate with your friends and family if they are abroad? If you are looking for a job, what digital impression are you making? If you are a merchant, professional or small business owner, do you depend on technical services or staff members that do everything for you? Do you have to hire someone specifically to know what you don’t, about everyday computer tasks? Can you pay your domestic bills online? Book a flight in advance? Can you manage all your online statements to bring to your accountant or bookkeeping services? Can you easily make simple changes on your website (e.g. uploading a new picture) without calling or depending on your web designer? Can you follow your friends and family on Facebook and put up new posts?

Who do you ask if you can’t? Your son, your daughter, your nephew? perhaps the computer technicians around the corner or maybe a mobile phone technician? Their job however, is to fix your device if it doesn’t work, but they are not there to help you with your digital know-how. They are specialists at repairing machines, their job description does not include basic or advance computer coaching.

Family and friends as well as technicians, may be very good at setting things up for you, but it’s only you who can work those digital muscles. It’s like learning to ride a bike. The bike is ready to take you wherever you want to go, but who’s going to do the pedalling?

What digital coaching means, is that you have your own personal digital mentor and coach. A digital coach helps you identify where your digital weaknesses are, answers those questions you’re too embarrassed to ask anyone else, and is there to show you how to use all your digital devices old or new, all at your own pace. This allows you to become as digitally fit and confident as you require.

It’s time to work those muscles, so get the bike out and enjoy the ride to Digital fitness.

For more Information Contact: ‘The Digital Coach’ (Teresa Gonzalez) at Gorey, Co. Wexford or Phone: 087 625 4553

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